Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Embellishment Storage

If there is one thing I love to do on my pages it's embellish them. I love buttons and chipboard! Storage has always been an issue for me as I didn't always have a dedicated scrapbook/craft area. Now that Scott and I split his office (our office as it's now called) I do. However, it's a tad tiny. Not a complaint as I am thrilled to have this space!!! I used baby food jars for button storage for a while but they can be a space taker. As I was trying to corral the buttons I put them into a CD case and it worked so well it's my new storage option. Here's a pic!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Explosion Box

Our family enjoys camping every summer and fall. So, this weekend I put together an explosion box for something a little different. The layout of the box was easy, embellishing it took some time-My cuts are a little askew so I'll do another with my pazzle making the cuts tonight.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Challenge entry

I wish I could say that this was so much fun that I'm going to do it all the time but.....
I decided to enter a scrapbooks etc. challenge using stiching. My first idea actually jammed up my embroidery machine so I went to plan B. I really like plan B. I cut the stars from old jeans and stiched around the inside using a thin crochet yarn. Never stiching before this took a while. The first needle was too big and frayed the stars. So I started over and cut bigger stars. Bigger stars didn't show the thread. Not having any embroidery floss I broke into my crochet basket and pulled out a crochet lace yarn. Expensive but it worked. The All American boy stickers and A chipboard is CTMH as is the ink pad to color the A. The star paper is left over from the 4th page. The pictures are all Robby.
A little OT but thought I'd add it here. I've been wanting to do some video tutorials on the blog but realized that my hands really need a manicure before I put them out for everyone to see. Too much hot glue and gardening. So I'm off to get a spa manicure and a pair of gardening gloves. So, be on the lookout for video coming soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

post it notebook instructions

Thanks for all the great feedback on the post it notebooks! Here are the instructions. My pictures are not doing too good today. We took a trip to the sound this past weekend and I'm thinking my auto settings were changed when Andrew went picture taking. Again, I'll get it fixed tonight.

You'll need 2 cover boards at 3 1/4 square and a binder board at 1/4 x 3 1/4. You can use chipboard or cut it from heavier cereal boxes. I haven't used cardboard but think it would work. Then cut your cover from cardstock to be 8 1/4 x 4 1/2. Come in 1/2 from each side and top and bottom and mark a score/fold line (don't score yet). Then notch the sides out. Doing the notch gives you a perfect corner. Cut your inside liner to be 3x6 3/4

Place cover boards on paper then place the binder board. Glue or tape down as shown in picture. Then score the fold lines along the top, bottom and both sides. Adhere the top and bottom first then the sides. The outside is done.

If you want to add ribbon to tie the book closed do so now on the inside cover boards. Then add your inside liner.

Run your finger along the joints and press the liner into the adhesive. Be sure to get a good fit around the binder board. If using glue let it set up.

Score around the joints and fold book closed.

glue along spine of post its and add to the book.

4th of july

My kids absolute favorite time of year. I think it even beats Christmas. But only because there are fireworks involved AND they get to light them off. Here is my layout for this year. I took the first picture and thought that it was a little bland so I added some bling and took another. The picture quality could be better (sorry) I'll be sure to take another when Scott gets home and can help me.

I'm not sure of the paper I used. I found it at Michaels last week. I did use the pazzle to cut out the July. After watching Klo's tutorial I just had to go find some fonts and dingbats and turn them into cutting files!