Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Matchbook album

Whew,,,the heat wave is gone! I cannot believe how many days we had above 90 and to hit 106! . Luckily, we have central air and a pool out back. But, it was so hot outside my kiddos stayed inside (even with the pool). Every time I think about taking a trip back to Texas during summer I have to remember how my guys would melt. I guess living up here has thinned their blood. Not mine-I spent hours in the pool soaking up my vit.D! I finally have a "Texas" tan again.

On to scrapping. Here are some of my match book albums I did. I'm thinking of all my relatives who would enjoy these filled with pictures of the kids. Notice I said kids-a couple years ago my parents came up to visit and I "asked" them to watch the kids so Scott and I could escape for a while. Mom's response was ...we come up to see the kids not you...

Love you mom!!!


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