Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun

We are having such a beautiful fall here in the Seattle area. So far the weather has been great with not a lot of rain. What rain we have has fallen all at once so we've had alternate rain and no rain days. Not a lot to complain about (yet!).

This year Robby got to carve his own pumpkin. Putting a pumpkin kit carving knife in his hand was pretty scary but he really did a good job carving ALL our pumpkins. We exhausted all the "easy" but scary templates on the web but still had more pumpkins to carve. We decided on a ghost but, of course, my freehand ghost was not good enough. So, off to the pazzle. I cut out the ghost that came with the Holidays CD and our last pumpkin became a carved piece of art. Have I mentioned how much I love this machine????

My sis sent me some pictures of my too-cute nieces and this one was just screaming to become scrapped. So, I did.


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